The Importance Of Using Groundnut Oil Cakes As Animal Feed

Posted by Admin on September, 24, 2021

The animal feed groundnut oil cake for those who don’t know is the residue acquired from the oilseed after the process of maximum oil extraction from it. The groundnut oil cakes are fed to the animals owing to the presence of high-protein in it which benefits all types of farm animals. Here is a detailed explanation of why groundnut oil cake is given in the form of animal feed.

Groundnut Oil Cakes Improve the Animal’s Overall Body Functioning

Animal feed groundnut oil cake is packed with carbohydrates, oils, and fats followed by proteins. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins all of which contribute towards the healthy functioning of the animal’s metabolism procedure.

Groundnut Oil Cakes is a Rich Source of Energy

The groundnut oil cakes have been studied and found to have been the richest source of protein and energy both of which are extremely essential for different types of livestock. Groundnut oil cakes are one of those important food items which contain a high level of protein and minerals. These proteins and minerals are an integral aspect of body tissue repair and replenishment. Animals require sufficient amounts of protein for healthy growth.

The Top Best Reasons Why Animal Feed Groundnut Oil Cake is Great

• The groundnut oil cake is the best and most reliable when it comes to protein supplements for livestock. No wonder, why they are widely used by the various cattle owners.

• The extracted solvent residue refers to the groundnut oil cake meal. However, the groundnut oil cake is what we refer to as the expeller presser and has a couple of varieties- namely Grade I and Grade II present in the market.

• Some of the primary adulterants present in the groundnut oil cake are:

Mahua Oil Cake

Castor Husk

• The protein content in groundnut oil cake is about 45%. The oil cake lacks methionine, cysteine followed by lysine. However, it is the best source of both calcium and Vitamin B12 for the animals.

How Are Groundnut Oil Cake Processed?

The groundnut oil cake isn’t only healthy but also highly nutritious. The animal feed groundnut oil cakes undergo careful processing from carefully handpicked nuts and premium-grade groundnut oil. No wonder why the groundnut oil cakes that you usually use to feed your animals flaunt an exceptional fragrance and are counted for their prominent health benefits. The groundnut oil cakes have versatile applications like animal feed, plant fertiliser, and crops.

Processing Groundnut Oil Cakes for Feeding Animals

The groundnut oil cakes pelletising process shares similarities with the production of grain crops feed pellets. The basic steps concerning the processing of animal feed groundnut oil cakes involve oil cake:

• Crushing

• Mixing

• Pelletising

• Cooling

• Packing

When the manufacturers of animal feed groundnut oil cakes have to eliminate toxic substances and pack them with nutritional values, they ensure to raise the temperature during the pelletising process of the groundnut oil cake.

Animal feed groundnut oil cake West Bengal makes for the ideal supplement for livestock. They are processed for animal feed mainly because of their oil content, important micronutrients, and fat protein all of which are essential for the overall growth and development of the animals.

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