Astha Traders Blog Latest Products Mon, 20 May 2024 04:38:54 +0530 en-us Feed Pellets for the Ultimate Nutrition to the Cattle and Poultry animals Sat, 19 Dec 2020 16:11:37 +0530 Cattle feed pellets, as the name itself signifies are the feed pellets that are mainly produced for feeding cattle. It is all-in-one pellet which is formed with the help of great pressure in the feed pellet mill. This type of feed pellet is not only meant for cow, oxen or cattle, but also for goats and sheep in order to obtain a sufficient amount of milk as well as meat production. The main feature of these cattle feed pellets are that these rich in protein, minerals as well as several other nutrients. According to the cattle feed pellet suppliers in West Bengal, this directly or indirectly lays a great impact on the health of the animal as well as their meat and milk production.   However, these feeds are generally a type of compound feed which is composed of several materials including seeds from the oleaginous crops, cereals, dried beet pulp, legumes, forage in conjunction with minerals, vitamins, chemical preservatives as well as other micro-ingredients that are essential for the health of the cattle.   The feed pellets are generally high in protein along with balanced nutrients extensively formulated for the type of cattle.   Raw Materials used by the feed pellet suppliers in West Bengal for formulating the same • Agro residues like maize straw, grass, wheat straw, wheat bran, grain, peanut seedling • Oil cakes • Cereals • Molasses   Method of feeding cow or buffalo with cattle feed pellets Animal type For maintaining the body For Producing milk Cow 1 kg/day 1 kg feed Buffalo 1.25 kg/day 1.25 kg feed   Types of equipment need to make cattle feed pellets • Tank: This stores raw and auxiliary materials • Feed pellet blender: It blends the powdered material in order to obtain uniformity in the mixture • Feed hammer mill: It helps in grinding the raw material in fine powder • Feed pelletizer: It is one of the main ingredients to prepare the feed pellets   Steps of producing the cattle feed pellets • Selection of the material: As it is necessary to know that the end product obtained must be of high quality to provide essential nutrients to the cattle, hence, the selection of the raw materials must be done in the smartest way. The correct proportion should be maintained, as it directly or indirectly affects the pellets. • Crushing: the second step in the formation is crushing of the material into a fine powder form with the help of feed hammer mill. • Mixing: The third step lies the mixing of the crushed ingredients using a feed pellet blender. • Pelletizing: Physical situation and modulation of material play an important role in this step. Thus is done using pellet machine. Punjab is a leading supplier of cattle feed pellets. However, the cattle feed pellet suppliers in West Bengal ensure that the production is being done maintaining the correct proportion of the raw materials in order to enhance the quality.   Thus, to conclude, cattle feed pellets is one of the better substituents over the normal feed. This not only enhances better health if the cattle, but, also increases the production of meat and milk. The Amazing Benefits Of Using Groundnut Oil Mon, 11 Jan 2021 17:37:20 +0530 Groundnut oil also referred to as peanut oil, used in many parts of the world for cooking. The taste of this oil is nutty and has numerous health benefits. It is filled with fatty acids and antioxidants. Find out why peanut oil should be included in your diet.   Few of the uses of groundnut oil are listed below: It is used as a dressing for salads. It can be used to make gravy, fry, and curry. It may be used as marinades for barbecues Can be used for the processing of dips, sauces, and butter. You can also buy an oil cake from groundnut oil cake supplier West Bengal.   Benefits Of Groundnut Oil: Improves Insulin Sensitivity If you speculate that groundnut oil is or is not a safe option for diabetic patients, be confident that it is. For those with diabetes, it is very good. It includes more unsaturated fats than saturated ones, which can increase the sensitivity of insulin and thus regulate blood sugar levels. Good For Hair The vitamin E in peanut oil contributes to hair follicle strengthening and hair loss reparations. Hair massaging of the scalp with groundnut oil tends to avoid dandruff. The existence of acids in this oil can lead to the regeneration of damaged hair and to the growth of new hair.   People who don't like to cook much can also have groundnut oil cake to derive this kind of benefit from the oil. Anti-aging Aging is imminent, but we can continue to prolong the transition with additional treatment. Peanut oil can be of benefit! Peanut oil is a vibrant origin of Vitamin E and has anti-aging properties. The oil helps decrease visible signs of aging such as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, flaky skin, pigmentation, etc. You could apply cold-pressed groundnut oil on your skin. A few drops on the face and neck can be added directly. Prevent Arthritis The state of arthritis is caused by bone inflammation. Due to anti-inflammatory effects, you should use groundnut oil in your cooking to keep this condition low. Cold-pressed oil can relieve discomfort and also help reduce the joint inflammation associated with it. This olive oil will also help to reinforce the joint and maintain joint pain. Lower The Chances Of Cancer This oil is filled with antioxidants, making it the best replacement for preventing different forms of cancer in your everyday diet. Antioxidants tend to reduce oxidative stress and free radicals in the body. But care should be practised during the long-term healing process, as this oil can be oxidised, which may make it highly poisonous for consumption. Good For Heart This oil contains healthy cholesterol or HDL and decreases poor cholesterol levels (LDL). Peanut oil does not obstruct arteries relative to other oils and helps to maintain the amount of cholesterol in the organism. This all helps reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease.   Final Words No wonder, the advantages of peanut oil are higher than their disadvantages. However, the drawbacks of groundnut oil are equally significant. Peanut oil is full of calories and therefore can contribute to an increase in weight. Eating huge quantities of this oil will raise the body's bad cholesterol and even block your arteries. An allergic reaction may also cause this oil, which can lead to rashes or swelling of the mouth or ears. Why Choose Floating Fish Feed? Sat, 13 Feb 2021 15:47:50 +0530 Fish feed is the organic material or feed that is prepared to survive. This is best important for the fish farmers to make sure that the fish get all the food they need, both in terms of quality and quantity. Feed accounts for almost 50% of the total cost of production. This is why the farmers spend a lot of efforts and time in determining the correct feed.   When it comes to choosing the right fish feed, one should consider several factors. The most essential among them is the type. There are various types of fish feed available in the market. The fish feed type is generally influenced by the environment and also the type of breed. The fish experts have their trust in the floating fish feed to yield the maximum divided. And all of this is down to the diverse range of advantages which is connected with these.   Following are some of the benefits of using the floating feed.   Wider Application The floating feed usually has a broad-scale use. Be it the small pond, cage fish culture, the water running fish culture or industrial fish farming, the floating feed can be used for all types of uses and it is a popular choice. One of the big reason behind this is that the vast majority of the fish feed is comfortable with the floating feed because this is easy to consume.   Increased Nutrition Retention As the name suggests, the floating feed reminds suspended on the surface of the water for a long time. The floating feed of good quality can float on the water for around ten hours. This is one of the reasons why this type of feed is used. Usually, feed tends to lose around 20% of the total material when it is mixed with the water. But this is not the case with the floating feeds. These feeds will remain suspended. As a result, your breed is not getting deprived of essential nutrients.   Effective And Convenient One doesn’t need a separate feeding table when it comes to floating feeds. The farmer can easily observe the ratio of consumption and can also monitor the feed that is left over the surface of the water. Due to this one can save a lot of labour and time. Farmers can calculate easily the requirement of feed and can help themselves from spending money on excessive feeds.   Tailor-Made For Young Fish Due to its loose pellet structure, the floating feeds are very easy to digest. The young fish can also easily consume these and digest without any trouble or hassle. Also, this is porous and crispy which make it incredibly easy to absorb. According to the studies, the fish feeds which floats on the water can make sure the best FCF rate and have the highest rate of utilization.   Easy To Store Because of the high temperature and continuous pressure expansion, the water content in this type of feed is very low. This has less chance to decay as this has low moisture content.   There are plenty of floating fish feed suppliers West Bengal who will provide you with the best feed that is good for your fish farming. Amazing Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil Tue, 09 Mar 2021 16:38:45 +0530 A good cooking oil not only adds life to the most frequent meals, but it is also important for your health. It will change cholesterol, modify metabolic syndrome and reduce inflammation if you use the right kind of oil. That's why choosing the right one is all the more relevant. In recent years, cholesterol and heart disease has won ghee (cleansed butter) and refined oil bad reputation. People are more prone to experimenting with new forms of oil for those health purposes with more rice bran exporters West Bengal. Rice Bran Oil belongs to a variety that has gradually crept into the wellness charts.   Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil: Has A Neutral Taste The external layer of rice is called bran and this brown husk extracts the oil. It has a moderate flavour and is tastelessly neutral. The flavour is not in conflict with Indian cuisine, and even in cookies and cakes, you can use it. It can offer a slightly nutty taste. It can be used for jogging, grilling, marinades and is excellent in dressings for salads. It's fairly flexible and compact. Includes Good Fats The NNI and the Indian Medical Research Council prescribe oils with an equivalent proportion of fatty acids saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The composition of rice bran oil is almost equal to this ratio in terms of fatty acids. Rice bran is a fat-free bran oil rich in mono-saturated, polyunsaturated fats. Heart Friendly It is known as cardiovascular oil. "Since it contains a proper amount of oryzanol, which is antioxidant, rice bran can help lower cholesterol. It contributes to cholesterol absorption and to the reduction of cholesterol "According to the expert on weight management and nutrition Gargi Sharma. Indians are genetically susceptible to heart disease and thus a healthy heart should be taken carefully. Lowers Cholesterol Rice bran oil is a good source for enhancing serum cholesterol intake, the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization (WHO). Has A High Smoke Point There is a strong smoke point in rice bran oil that is 254C or 490F, making it ideal to mix or fry deeply. And at high temperatures, it can retain its nutritional consistency. Furthermore, food cooked at high temperatures has been shown to absorb less oil. Less Oily The oil is less viscous, so it does not adhere to fruit. It consumes less oil and you will have to pay attention to the amount you consume. Really, on the tongue, it begins to be less sticky. Rich in Vitamin E It is high in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and anti-mutagenic that prevents cancer. Vitamin E helps to improve immunity as well. Aids Weight Loss It contains high natural antioxidants that increase your metabolic rate and can contribute to weight loss. Not only is it safe, but still avoid rancidity and spoilage thanks to the high degree of antioxidants. It lives for a long time.   Final Words Various oils have various fat compositions, and when heated they are comported accordingly. Its really critical that you know your oil before you get on the bandwagon. The Utility of Mustard Oil Cake Mon, 26 Apr 2021 18:41:37 +0530 A brief about Mustard Mustard plant is one of the diverse plants containing seeds that are used as a seasoning. Mustard Seeds are widely used in cooking various dishes. These seeds are a good source of oil and protein. It is highly cultivated in regions of North India.   Extraction process of Mustard oil cake   High grade mustard seeds are crushed to obtain mustard oil with the use of advanced machineries. During the process, mustard seeds are cold pressed without any chemical to produce the by-product of mustard oil, commonly called mustard oil cake. This extraction process yields around 35-40% of oil and rest remains in the oil cake. Since mustard seed comprises about 60-65% of cake, the availability of an intermediary price benchmark supports the entire mustard oil cake chain from farmers, manufacturers to traders and exporters along with the whole feed industry which is the huge demand driver.   Mustard Oil Cake is an ideal and very rich animal feed and often used in the ration cattle. Mustard Oil Cake is rich in mineral content and has a good balance of essential amino acids, relatively high methionine content which makes it cheap and easy to break down than other oil cakes. This makes it a powerful meal for cattle which in turn bolsters a higher output and fat content in milk yield.   Mustard oil cake is one of the highly traded seed oil cakes all around the world. Indian ranks third in the world for the production of this highly beneficial mustard oil cake. This seed cake is widely demanded by the clients for its protein and hygienic nature. India has seen a significant growth rate in the export of Mustard oil cake. The Indian exporters of mustard oil cake suffice the requirements of various countries like Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Italy and many more. There are numerous Mustard oil cake exporters West Bengal which offers superior quality products with no added artificial flavour and in different packing sizes.   Mustard oil cake suppliers and exporters in India should take into consideration the following crucial aspects-   They should use only the premium quality raw material acquired from reputed and licensed purveyors in the market. They should have enough storage capacities which are well equipped with appropriate ventilation and rodent-proof wire mesh cabinets. They should have separate departments and teams of proficient workforce for marketing, placing orders and resolving queries of clients. They should have a team of highly trained quality check experts to conduct a stringent examination of all products before supplying or exporting. They should use an appropriate packaging to ensure that customers receive the ordered product in a fresh state. They should provide unblemished quality of products at pocket friendly rates to their customers all across the world.   Therefore, it can be thoroughly stated that mustard oil cake is widely used as cattle feed not only in India but also across the world. It also encourages exports from India and thereby contributes to the nation’s economy. Importance Of Fish Feed Sat, 15 May 2021 15:29:54 +0530 Healthy fish feed pellet West Bengal is one of the least discussed sectors of farming, particularly as far as livestock feed is concerned. In general, most people who hear the word “livestock” prefer to think of traditional farm animals, including cows, chickens, goats, and equines. However, this word covers a broad range of species, including fish, crustaceans, molluscs and algae, that are used in commercial environments. The development of profitable marine livestock as with any other form of an animal involves the use of specialist aquaculture feed.   The Basics of Aquaculture Feed Since the turn of the millennium, the use of aquaculture has increased considerably. Worldwide, aquaculture activities have spread from small pond farms to large, intricate companies producing tens of thousands, even millions, of livestock. As Virginia Tech noted, "fish need a high-grade, nutritionally complete, balanced diet to grow fast and remain healthy, particularly when grown in high densities." As a result, the market for healthy fish feed pellet in the industry has increased significantly.   Varieties Aquaculture feed is given in the form of extruded bits or pressurized feed. Extruded aquaculture feed floats on the water surface, while pressurized feeds fall down. Extruded feeds are also subject to higher prices because of production costs; however, the feeds give also the benefit of enabling a supplier directly to respect the fish's feeding practices.   Many marine life forms can consume fluid and sinking feed. Others eat sinking feeds, such as shrimps.   Aquaculture feed is available in many sizes. It is usually recommended that your animals eat as large a feed as possible. If the pellets of feed are too small, fish may use energy to locate the food, while too big pellets pose a danger to the animals.   Don’t Forget the Protein Like other animal types, various aquaculture species have separate nutritional requirements. For example, herbivore fish prefer to eat plant protein feed and vegetable oils. In contrast, carnivorous animals need feeding which can provide the protein to which they are accustomed in the wild. As a consequence, many operations want to use species-specific aquaculture feed or incorporate high quality additive nutritional deficiencies.   How to Distribute Aquaculture Feed? Aquatic animal groups can be fed either by hand or using automatic feeders. The precise method depends on livestock resources and needs. Some large farms also spread aquaculture feeding in large areas by using leaf blowers.   In its activity, fish farms may also introduce feeders of demand. Application feeders are large tanks hanging over the water. In hungry animals, the feed is discharged into water by a strike on a small control rod. Though convenient and low-cost, feeders for demand will make over-consumption feed easy for animals and increase waste feeding.   Final Words The aqua cultural feed should be kept in a cool, dry place away from the Sun, as with other types of livestock feed. Pests, bacteria, mould and moisture should be checked on a regular basis in feed bags. When selecting a feed bag to be distributed, farmers should apply the latest LIFO system to ensure effective feed use. The best way to preserve feed during storage is with high-quality feed additives that provide bacteria and mould protection while enhancing the nutritional properties and extending the shelf-life of the foods. Soya Bean and its Products in Agriculture Fri, 18 Jun 2021 12:48:20 +0530 The soybean or soya bean is a species of legume, that is the fruit or seed of a plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. The soya bean is native to eastern Asia, it is widely grown for the edible bean it produce. The soya bean has numerous application in culinary arts. A soya bean meal is a cheap and quite significant source of protein and can be treated as a dairy and meat substitute.   Soya bean has traditional unfermented food uses such as soy milk and its further production is tofu. There are also many fermented soy foods, the most popular of them is soy sauce. Another food product produced from processing the soya bean crop is soy vegetable oil.   Soy Vegetable Oil The vegetable oil extracted from the soya bean seeds is called soya bean oil. This refined vegetable oil is one of the most widely used cooking oil and second most popular vegetable oil. This refined oil has a wide variety of applications like roasting, baking and frying. The soya bean oil also looks after the benefits of bones, heart, skin and many other health factors.   This oil possesses a higher smoking point and therefore it is used for various cooking done at high temperature. The composition of soya bean oil contains polyunsaturated fats in a large quantity, that helps in lowering cholesterol level which is good for the heart. Soya bean oil can be easily replaced by any of the other cooking oils and can be applied to any recipe.   Soya Bean Oil Cake The coarse leftover of any seeds after the oil is extracted is called oil cake. The oil cakes are generally very rich in minerals and proteins and are used as animal feed. Similarly, soya oil cakes are produced after soya bean oil is extracted. These oil cakes are used as a high-quality animal feed and feed mixture. The soya bean oil cake helps in achieving good results in fattening.   The organisms absorb soya bean protein and increase their biological values concerning animal protein. Since the oil cakes bear a higher level of energy and protein, these oil cakes help in the generation of a high energetic ratio and high protein without the use of any expensive fat.   The inclusion of 1 to 2 kilograms of soya bean oil cakes in the diet of dairy cows increases the yield of milk up to 1.5 to 2 litres. Again, the soya bean oil cakes are beneficial to the hens as well. The egg production of the laying hens increases up to 22 to 30 per cent. The growth of chicken and pigs increases by 7% and 5% respectively.   Types of Soya Oil Cake There are a few different types of marketed types of soya bean oil cake. There are different manufacturing houses of soya oil cakes in West Bengal. The soya oil cake exporter West Bengal deals in soy oil cakes in different packaging sizes of 20, 30 and 50 kilograms. The different types are as follows:   • Organic Soya De Oiled Cake:  These organically cultivated oil cakes are demanded for their high protein constituency. These organic soya de-oiled cakes retain moisture of 10 per cent with a shelf life of 1 year. These oil cakes have their application as cattle feed.   • Natural Soya De Oiled Cake: These oil cakes are also rich in protein with an amount of 45 per cent. These oil cakes also come with 1-year shelf life. The natural soya de-oiled cakes are used as horse feed and cattle feed.   • Soya Bean De Oiled Cake: These oil cakes are high in protein content with no added artificial flavours and fibre content of 8 per cent. These oil cakes are used as cattle feed and come with a shelf life of 1 year. Why Choose Organic Groundnut Oil Cake? Tue, 13 Jul 2021 14:53:48 +0530 Fertiliser is the supplement of nutrients that is already present in the soil. The fertilizing products can be vaguely classified as Natural and organic fertilizers and man-made or synthetic fertilizers. While the chemical and synthetic fertilizers are concentrated, strong and quick enough to dissolve in the small immediately, the organic fertiliser for plants release nutrients slowly with time and usually has other teaches of elements that are needed for the crops and plants for stronger and better growth.   One such organic fertiliser is used for plants and crops by many farmers is the organic groundnut oil cake. There are plenty of trusted and reliable suppliers and manufacturers of organic groundnut oil cake in West Bengal.   The products that are grown using these are 100% organic and do not contain any chemicals that can be harmful to human consumption. From mechanical to biological to cultural practice, the products that are labelled with the word organic should surely promote ecological balance, conserve biodiversity, foster cycling of resources and even support a healthy environment, being environmentally friendly and safe is a myriad of incredible benefits of using the organic products like farming, garden and agriculture.   Following are some of the benefits of choosing organic groundnut oil cake. Read through to know more about them.   Stays Longer, Works Long Though the chemical and organic fertilizers are used to add almost add the same type of nutrient to the soil, organic fertilisers like groundnut oil cake work in a different way. These work for soil longer than the chemical and synthetic fertilisers by providing the needed nutrients for your plants to grow healthily.   Well-Balanced Content The groundnut oil came offers you a well-balanced blend of nutrients that are essential for the important microorganisms and earthworms living in the soil. These organisms are one of the reasons for your healthy and fruitful soil structure. They help the plants to absorb nutrients effectively.   Wide Variety Availability The groundnut oil cake is extremely beneficial to the crops and plants, fertilisers are available in the number of varieties as per the targeted crops, unique needs of the farms, condition of the soil and much more. It can be produced from natural waste, biomass products, fish emulsions, seaweed extract, manure teas etc.   Environmentally Safe Organic fertilizers are way far safer to use as they are not as concentrated as chemical and synthetic fertilizers. Being environmentally and ecologically non-toxic and safe, organic fertilisers are the best fertiliser for crops and plants in farming. Their regular usage does not lead to pollution and contributes to a better tomorrow.   Eliminates Contaminations Use of groundnut oil cake for farming help to remove unwanted and harmful contamination in the environment like surface water contamination, underground water table and much more. They effectively help in the degradation of the natural substances present in the soil thereby enhancing the contents of the soil. Moreover, one cannot harm the plants by fertilising them more and the groundnut oil cake are free from any side effects.   These are some of the reasons why choosing groundnut oil cake is the right choice for you and your crops. The Importance of Using Groundnut Oil Cakes as Animal Feed Fri, 24 Sep 2021 16:54:33 +0530 The animal feed groundnut oil cake for those who don’t know is the residue acquired from the oilseed after the process of maximum oil extraction from it. The groundnut oil cakes are fed to the animals owing to the presence of high-protein in it which benefits all types of farm animals. Here is a detailed explanation of why groundnut oil cake is given in the form of animal feed. Groundnut Oil Cakes Improve the Animal’s Overall Body Functioning Animal feed groundnut oil cake is packed with carbohydrates, oils, and fats followed by proteins. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins all of which contribute towards the healthy functioning of the animal’s metabolism procedure. Groundnut Oil Cakes is a Rich Source of Energy The groundnut oil cakes have been studied and found to have been the richest source of protein and energy both of which are extremely essential for different types of livestock. Groundnut oil cakes are one of those important food items which contain a high level of protein and minerals. These proteins and minerals are an integral aspect of body tissue repair and replenishment. Animals require sufficient amounts of protein for healthy growth. The Top Best Reasons Why Animal Feed Groundnut Oil Cake is Great • The groundnut oil cake is the best and most reliable when it comes to protein supplements for livestock. No wonder, why they are widely used by the various cattle owners. • The extracted solvent residue refers to the groundnut oil cake meal. However, the groundnut oil cake is what we refer to as the expeller presser and has a couple of varieties- namely Grade I and Grade II present in the market. • Some of the primary adulterants present in the groundnut oil cake are: Mahua Oil Cake Castor Husk • The protein content in groundnut oil cake is about 45%. The oil cake lacks methionine, cysteine followed by lysine. However, it is the best source of both calcium and Vitamin B12 for the animals. How Are Groundnut Oil Cake Processed? The groundnut oil cake isn’t only healthy but also highly nutritious. The animal feed groundnut oil cakes undergo careful processing from carefully handpicked nuts and premium-grade groundnut oil. No wonder why the groundnut oil cakes that you usually use to feed your animals flaunt an exceptional fragrance and are counted for their prominent health benefits. The groundnut oil cakes have versatile applications like animal feed, plant fertiliser, and crops. Processing Groundnut Oil Cakes for Feeding Animals The groundnut oil cakes pelletising process shares similarities with the production of grain crops feed pellets. The basic steps concerning the processing of animal feed groundnut oil cakes involve oil cake: • Crushing • Mixing • Pelletising • Cooling • Packing When the manufacturers of animal feed groundnut oil cakes have to eliminate toxic substances and pack them with nutritional values, they ensure to raise the temperature during the pelletising process of the groundnut oil cake.   Animal feed groundnut oil cake West Bengal makes for the ideal supplement for livestock. They are processed for animal feed mainly because of their oil content, important micronutrients, and fat protein all of which are essential for the overall growth and development of the animals.